What's different about your doughnuts?

Our doughnuts and glazes are all handmade from scratch in small batches throughout the day so your doughnut is delicious and fresh whenever you stop in.  And we use only the best ingredients--real, high quality butter, eggs, milk--you get the idea. We also seek out local partners who can offer exceptional ingredients.

Our house raised doughnut is made with a brioche style yeast dough. It's springy but also rich, buttery and tender with a slight chew! 

Lots of love and hard work go into our doughnuts and we want to share the process with you. So much so that we put two giant windows into our San Marco kitchen so you can come hang out with us while we bake!              

Where can I park?

At our San Marco location, there is a parking lot directly behind our shop. To get there, turn down the alley from Lasalle Street. There is also street parking on the surrounding streets. Please help us be good neighbors and do not park in the lot next door or across the street from the shop.  

How does your menu work?

We have about a dozen different rotating doughnuts on our menu plus doughnut sandwiches we lovingly call "doughwiches."  We serve raised/yeast doughnuts, old-fashioneds, chocolate old-fashioneds and cake doughnuts. Our goal is to highlight seasonal and exciting flavors our baking team dreams up.   

Why do you sell out of certain flavors at times?

Each day we estimate how many of each flavor we need to make. We hope to get it right. It takes several hours to make our doughnuts from dough to topping, so unfortunately we can't just whip up a batch if a flavor was more popular than expected. We do however make small batches throughout the day to replenish flavors when they run low. 

Do you offer vegan doughnuts?

Yes! We now offer vegan doughnuts on Friday until sell out. Why only on Fridays you ask? Well, our kitchen space is limited and we want to make sure our vegan doughnuts are not just called vegan but are truly being made vegan. Only offering them on Fridays ensures there will not be any non vegan menu items fried in the oil before them. So come in on Friday and let us know what you think!    

Do you offer gluten-friendly doughnuts?

Not yet unfortunately.  

Can I order LOTS of doughnuts?

Yes! To place an order of more than 1 dozen, visit us in the shop, call us or fill out the form on our menu page. Orders of 1 dozen or more receive a 10% discount and orders of 5 dozen or more full size doughnuts receive a 20% discount (excluding weddings). For orders of 5 dozen or more, check out our catering services

Do you deliver?

Currently we only deliver for catering orders.

Do you offer different sized doughnuts?

We offer mini doughnuts, which are smaller versions of our traditional doughnuts, through our catering services.